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Bunny LaBruja

Virtual Tarot Reading

Virtual Tarot Reading

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A. You can get your spell consultation reading/ or reading done over the phone/facetime/ or zoom call.

B.  If you prefer, you can ask your questions via messages and I will then record a video of your session.

 The spell consultation reading is something that does not have a time limit, I understand going over your situation and talking during the reading may take time so this reading is NOT TIMED. If you're booking for a regular reading I only do 1 HOUR or 30 MINUTE readings.

For the spell consultation,  I do a spread on your situation, then you can fill me in after and ask any questions you need, and we can pull anything further that is needed. This reading is to go deeper into your situation and see what the exact issues and blockages are so we know what needs to be done in spell work to get you what you're looking for. I especially recommend booking a reading for people who have intricate/heavy situations, and even more for people who've gotten multiple spells or a spell from other practioner/s that didn't work so that we can see what the actual issue is and what really needs to be done instead of throwing random spells on your person that don't target the issue. 

Although I have my own personal beliefs , For Legal and Liability Purpose we must state that all Tarot Readings are For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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