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Bunny LaBruja

Custom Spell Work

Custom Spell Work

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What to Expect when you order : 


  • Please make sure you provide your email and PHONE NUMBER to contact you via text message or WhatsApp if out of the country (Providing a phone number will improve response time and ensure a great experience, but with some third party payment methods you might not get MY checkout screen, but theirs. SO IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PUT YOUR CONTACT NUMBER BECAUSE OF USING THIRD PARTY PAYMENTS, PLEASE REACH OUT TO MY BUSINESS NUMBER 754-240-8169 AFTER PURCHASING!! Area code is +1 for USA, and make sure if you want me to contact you on WhatsApp you provide the area code.)


  • Once you place your order, you must complete our custom work questionnaire using the following link :  This is where you will explain your exact intentions based off your issues, I go into detail explaining this in the survey but if you ever need help or guidance please ask I am here to help get the most out of your workings as what goes into them is very important. I might have questions after reading your survey and reach out to go over things better or ask for any additional info i may need.
  • Upon purchasing your selected spell you will receive a welcome email/text message with these same instructions and link to my questionnaire!


  • IF I am booked out, the time frame for spell work being completed is within ABOUT A WEEK, upon completion of your questionnaire excluding WEEKENDS. IMPORTANT: THIS WAIT TIME IS FOR WHEN I'M BOOKED OUT. The typical work week for me can be a wait of anywhere from only 1-3 days to get your working done! Please be patient as each working can take up to an hour or more, I actually sit here and put energy and time into each working unlike a lot of people on social media that just light a quick candle and throw the same 3 herbs in rotation,  or send the same videos to everyone. Spell work does take time to do, and I assure you the results are a lot more worth your time for the practitioners that have a wait.


  • UPDATES: I send video proof of all workings. I typically send 2-3 videos and one of those videos is of me actually doing the working so you can see your info being put into it and be assured that it is yours! IMPORTANT: I MAY WORK DIFFERENT THAN THE AVERAGE PRACTITIONER! I do updates typically every 3-4 days, and when I am booked out I will do them every Friday. The reason being is I will work doing readings and spell work for (Let's say on a typical week.) 3-4 days straight. Then, I take a break and only do updates for a day before starting again. This is so that i'm able to take breaks and not get burnt out from spell work and (ESPECIALLY) readings, but also because updates can take hours out of my day therefor it's not ideal for me to do updates every day as it takes away time amd energy from me doing readings and spell work. Most people have many questions, a lot of you require a wax reading of the burn down when I send videos of your working's etc. So I work on this schedule.


  • I only respond on my business number on normal business hours, (with the exception for current clients.) Monday-Friday from 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM eastern standard time. Please don't expect much communication on weekends whatsoever as I am a mother as well and those are the only 2 days my kid and my man have my complete undivided attention, it is our personal time.

  • If you have any questions please contact us via email or text message. 
  • Support Email :
  • Business/Support Phone Number : (754) 240-8169


Traditional love spell / sweetening

A traditional love spell is considered a light working, Meaning it’s white magic. This spell is best at love & light and healing! & SIMPLY AMAZING at sweetening someone/a situation up. Making them feel, AND act sweeter towards you. It’s also amazing at banishing any negative emotions they may feel towards you, making their perspective of you/the situation positive, really banishing any negative outlook they may have on committing to you, past situations with you, etc. of course, it has traditional love spell things in it as well like love oils, herbs, ect to make them feel loving & romantic feelings towards you as well, attraction, lust etc. Very simple, but very sweet results.

this spell is best for:

  • when you’re currently in a relationship with someone but you’re having issues or arguments.
  •  when you need to sweeten someone up towards you and just want something light with good vibes that’s not too pushy.
  • for toxic connections that need healing & forgiveness.

I wouldn’t highly recommend this spell if you’re in separation/no contact and looking for someone to “come back quick”. (There’s plenty of people who get this spell that are in separation or no contact and love it, but it’s because they mainly care about healing the connection & just mending things with the person and aren’t in a rush/want a more natural approach.)


Obsession Spell

The obsession spell is in the duality of things, meaning it’s considered gray magic. It’s not a complete “dark” or “light” working, so there’s a lot of dimension to it which is great for more intricate situations. The obsession spell has EVERYTHING that’s in the love spell! It can sweeten them up, and has all of that love & light and healing energy, but since it’s not a complete light working there’s a lot more you can do with it and it's a lot more intense in what it makes them, feel for you. First of all the name obsession comes from the fact that it makes them think about you all the time, literally gets you stuck in their head 24/7. It will make them miss you, and crave you etc which you can’t do with a complete light love working like the one above, so it’s self explanatory why this would be recommended if you’re in no contact. It’s a lot more intense in the emotions it makes them feel for you, for example in comparison to the attraction & lust that would go in a traditional love spell, it would be more like sexual desire and strong cravings for you. (I ALWAYS, ASK FOR PERMISSION BEFORE DOING ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN WORKINGS. Although it's the traditional way to do it, there's MANY people who don't even want lust in their workings.) In summary, it makes them head over heals for you, not being able to get you out of their head or want to be away from you, but it also has all of that love & light and healing/sweetening! 

this spell is best for:

  • when the connection needs healing, and to be sweetened up/good energy brought in, but you’re looking for something intense/deeper than a sweetening. 
  •  if you’re looking to reconcile with someone you’re in no communication or separated with. (not to get confused, works very well for when you're in a relationship with someone or in contact.)
  • if you want want something heavy that makes someone all about you, but like the love & light of a light love working that an obsession spell can provide instead of a complete heavy & dark working as you'll read in the working below.


Domination Spell

The domination spell is a dark magic love working, it is not to be misconstrued because of social medias ridiculous claims there is nothing that can rip someone’s free will away from them, dark magic workings can be highly coercive just as you can be highly coercive with your words and with your actions to get someone romantically or sexually. It’s simply considered dark magic because it’s roots come from santeria, and because the way it’s done. 

the domination spell is BEST for when there’s a very bad energetical imbalance. Meaning you’re the one chasing and pursuing them, or putting all the energy/feelings into the situation more than they are. For that runner chaser energy, or for when you’re simply dealing with a very closed off stubborn person. this is why it’s called a domination spell because it turns the tables around to where you are the dominant energy and they are chasing and pursuing YOU instead of them being the dominant one with the feeling as if the balls in their court. This spell is very straight to the point, strong urges to want to talk to you all the time, be around you, be with you etc. Very heavy romantic, loving emotions towards you. Hard to get you out of their mind. This spell will make them have EYES ONLY FOR YOU, no interest ANY third parties. Now, being a dark working It doesn’t have all of that healing & perspective change although it can be healing to a very specific type of person/people for one, for the client if they're someone who's too attached/negatively attached, it can help you be in your power and attract and not chase someone. It can also be healing to your person if they're someone emotionally blocked off, by making their walls come down, open up towards you, and making them feel such strong love emotions, but it doesn’t directly have HEALING properties so if you want this spell but need healing because your person has negative emotions, any type of resentment etc from arguments or disagreements, I might recommend to purchase a healing spell with it if it's something severe to avoid issues. THIS SPELL IS VERY STRONG!!! please know I charge to reverse domination spells they are dark magic and don't just wear off. people never come back to remove it unless they moved on from that person obviously , so just make sure you are putting this spell on someone you are going to be there for when they are all about you.

this spell is best for:

  • when there is a very bad imbalance, of you putting all the energy into this person or relationship and the energy not being reciprocated.
  • when in separation (great for when you're in a relationship as well.)
  •  simply looking for something strong and heavy.
  • dealing with a very stubborn person.
  • runner/chaser energy.
  • when you're looking to have someone prioritize, chase, and pursue you.



A binding is when you want to quite literally bind someone to you. This can be especially great to get someone to commit and settle down with you. Binding someone to you can make them hyper focused/stuck on you which of course as I said helps with commitment, but can also help make them lose interest in 3rd parties. It can narrow things down just to you, to get any mental blockages or thoughts our of the way that are stopping them from committing. *This is typically added to a larger working as the ones above, but people do chose to do a binding by itself!! 

I'll explain a little further on that. Bindings have one intention and one intention only, therefor to get a binding by itself would be best only for a specific type of situation, and that's if you have literally zero issues, needs/wants, or intentions BESIDES THE FACT THAT YOU WANT YOUR PERSON TO COMMIT. It's totally great in situations where the only issue is getting your person to commit but everything else is perfect, they chase you, love you, communication is great.. Just no commitment! 

It's best to add a binding when:

  • You are dealing with a player type, lust/flirting issues with your personh, or simply want your person to be only about you (Possessive girlies unite here lol)
  • You are having big issues with getting your person to commit.



IMPORTANT!!: There is a big difference between a third party removal and a break up "hex". I will have this as one section and one purchase option as going over the situation and what info you have with you is important to decide on which one, just know when purchasing this we will either do one, or the other. A 3rd party remover is when you need to remove a 3rd party from between you and your person, whether that's a girlfriend, wife, whatever. This is a working that has 3 candles, a candle each that represents you and your person, and one that represents the 3rd party being removed. This working has ONE INTENTION ONLY AND IT'S TO GET THEM OUT OF THE WAY/REMOVE THEM FROM BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR PERSON. !!!This spell can have smaller candles added if there's more people you want to remove from between you two, besides the main target !!!

Now, a break up spell.. really, considered a hex on someone's relationship, is the heavy way to go. This you can customize and put specific things you want to happen, as well as any juicy info you may know on them will make this spell hit like a TRUCK. It's not joke and causes arguments, them to get annoyed or even hate eachother, lose feelings, etc. This typically causes a breakup with a BAM. (That sounds so corny, but you get me.) 

Reasons to get a 3rd party removal or breakup spell:

  • You want to break a couple up.
  • There's a 3rd party blocking you.



This working is pretty self explanatory, this is typically done on someone you're currently sleeping with or dating, but people use this working for all types of things actually! I've had a girl put this on her cheating ex who slept with her bestfriend, who she never slept with again. None the less, this working can be done in 2 ways. I have my girls, guys, and gays who love their heavy & dark work as well as I have the ones who prefer something, less..dark! We will go over this after purchasing, but you can simply do it the traditional way where you make them only crave you sexually, pretty much binding their -insert private part here-. The other option is going dark, and as a worker of both light and dark, we can go either way baby! You can choose to pretty much hex their ***** to not get hard..or wet lol. For any one, but you. The thought of even being with someone else doesn't even cross their mind type of vibe.

(Despite my personal beliefs, For Legal and Liability Purposes, all spell work is for “entertainment purposes only” and I cannot guarantee results but I do guarantee a pleasant experience as well as any guidance.)

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