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Bunny LaBruja

Spell Consultation ( Tarot Reading Included )

Spell Consultation ( Tarot Reading Included )

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Spell Consultation (With Full Tarot Reading)

AFTER PURCHASING A SPELL CONSULT, YOU MAY CONTACT ME AT MY CELL 754-715-7095 IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET IT DONE ASAP. If not, you may book on the calender as some people book for a week or 2 out. This is where I do all readings and consultations from, but my best source of contact will always, be my business number. 

Not sure which type of spell work is right for you? Need guidance with your situation or don't know what intentions are best for your working because things are complicated or heavy?

 Spell consultations typically take about 45 minutes to an hour, but I have many clients that require more time. (You do not pay by time but simply for the consultation as long as it may take.)

This can be done via phone call, or by text messages if you prefer me to send voice messages and videos.

FOR LOVE SITUATIONS: A spell consultation is best for when you feel you can't provide me with the intentions for your working the best you can because you're either confused, in no contact and don't have clarity, things are complicated, or you've tried spell work on this situation before with little to no results (This is typically because the issues at hand weren't targeted and still exist, that's why I do custom workings.) . These are the main reasons I'd recommend booking a consultation, but there's plenty of people who prefer to do a consultation before doing any spell work even if none of the above applies. If you're someone who is trying to do a love working on a person who is with a third party, AND YOU DON'T WANT TO PURCHASE A 3RD PARTY REMOVAL OR BREAK UP HEX AS RECOMMENDED.. I AT LEAST ADVISE A CONSULTATION TO MAKE SURE WE'RE NOT WASTING OUR TIME. Removing 3rd parties before, or with love workings, is ideal for no issues. If you're still confused on whether you need a consultation or not please don't get caught up in this, after purchasing a working and speaking to me you can always still book one, and you can always contact me at my business number to get some guidance on what you need before purchasing. At the end of the day it's simple, if you feel like you can state the issues + your intentions perfectly fine chances are you really do not need a full consult and a whole reading, it's just unnecessary.

FOR OTHER SITUATIONS: Great for when you need removals, cleansings etc. and don't know the source or what's been done. Great for court case workings when there's a heavy situation that a reading would benefit you by seeing what's the best course of action, great for pretty much any situation that needs guidance or a reading for clarity!! I only go into detail on this because of how many questions I get from people on if they need a spell consultation or not. 



First I blindly pull cards, for multiple reasons. 1 I like to show clients the accuracy of the cards without me knowing any info. 2 It helps me to pull the things that are most important with the MOST ACCURACY, me not knowing your situation before I pull will help me to not read the cards based off what you said, or with my opinion. After I pull those few things, you can then fill me in; in your own words! You may ask any questions you'd like to the tarot. Lastly I pull on the blockages and something along the lines of "What needs to be done to get ______ the outcome they are looking for" to really see what the issues are exactly and what would bring the best results possible. Going over your situation in detail, getting guidance, and pulling tarot is what a spell consultation consists of.

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